Assets for Unity

borgsystem assets and tools for Unity

You can find most of the tools on the asset store.
Those tools or assets that didn't fit or make it onto the asset store you can download freely below.

Prototyping pack

Very simple primitives specifically for quick setups and getting a feel for distances and scale in prototypes. Meter sticks and some common object prefabs with specific measurements. Collider-free and free for all. Used for the demo scenes included with the other assets.

The CameraPrototype script is used for creating a simple free flying camera for game view, like the one used in the scene view but with the ability to also follow moving objects.

The SimpleWaypointMover script is for moving objects between waypoints and can be used to try out the follow feature in CameraPrototype.

Prefabs has specific or standardized measurements to work as initial real-world references when building your environment or prototype. Contains primitives, metersticks and some common objects to get a feeling for distances and scale (see measurements below). Small compact collection without colliders.
It also contains some basic materials and colours as well as a couple of scripts. Just as the rest of the prototyping pack these scripts are not intended for game build even though they could be optimized for it.

This Prototyping Pack is licensed under CC0.
That means you can use it for whatever purpose or distribution you like and include it in your own assets without credit. If you create tools and need to provide a quick simple demo scene, these are free to use for distribution.

Download Prototype Pack manual, version 1.0
Download Prototype Pack unity package, version 1.0.0

Fog Card

Coming soon.

The Fog Card is a shader (or shader modules/variants) to be used as a distant fog billboard to be visible from afar at specific locations at a very low fps cost. It displays on a simple plane and can be customized in shader graph to suit your needs.

It includes dual layers, using simple or gradient noise or texture channels per layer, speed, tiling and contrast settings for layers, depth fog, border fading, base color and tint, proximity fading, simple bump/vertex displacement and an unlit directional light module that changes depending on the time of day.

The last module is of course not needed if you use the Lit version, but the Lit version is a bit more expensive and projects shadows on the card which might not be what you want in some cases.

Available on the asset store.

Master Bookmarks

Coming soon.

With Master Bookmarks you can set and save your favourite camera positions in the scene view, game objects in the hierarchy or subfolders, prefabs, and other assets in the Asset folders for jumping to or selecting/highlighting them with a single button press or assigned shortcut.

You can also use your camera bookmarks in game view, by game view menu or shortcuts, to jump to your saved positions and drop your player controller on the spot or track other moving objects.

Other features like getting distances to objects or between them and use labels to identify distant bookmarked objects is also available.

Available on the asset store.

Camera Bookmarks FREE

A free version of Master Boookmarks with basic features only.
For anyone who needs to move quickly to different camera positions as well as keep track of certain game objects. Simple setup for getting started. Ideal also for beginners.

  • Quick access with custom Camera Bookmarks window in editor.
  • Easy to set and single click to move scene camera to bookmark.
  • Customize bookmarks layout: grouping, sorting and buttons per row.
  • Quick access to associated object in hierarchy.
  • Game view adaption with camera prototype.
  • Bookmarks are integrated to follow moving objects in Game View.
  • Customizable settings for bookmark buttons both in Scene and Game View.
  • Align Scene View camera with camera prototype in Game View.
  • Complete with source code for your own adaption.
  • Simple prototyping scripts to set up and play around with.

FREE but available from the asset store.